ASX 24 – Australian Electricity Options – Fee Reductions effective 3 August 2015

Thu 30 Jul 2015

As per ASX Notice 0876.15.07, ASX is lowering its Australian Electricity Options headline fees effective 3 August 2015.

The following table shows the changes to the options fee structure:

Contract Commodity Code Existing Fee (ex GST) Fee from 3 Aug (ex GST)
Base Load Average Rate Options BN, BQ, BS, BV $29.50 per side $11.00 per side
Base Load Cal/Fin Year Strip Options HN, HQ, HS, HV $59.00 per side $44.50 per side

The ASX 24 Fee Schedule details all fees relating to Australian Electricity futures and options contracts.


Clearing Participants are advised to update their Exchange product fee schedules to reflect the fee changes.

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