ASX Energy facilitates training workshops relevant to the Australian Electricity Market.

To register your interest in ASX workshops please send your name, contact info and preferred workshop location (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide) to 1800 330 101 (within Australia) or email


1. Electricity Futures & Options Workshop

SYDNEY: Thursday 27 September
MELBOURNE: Friday 5 October

Please register using the links below:
1. Register for Sydney workshop, 27 September.
2. Register for Melbourne workshop, 5 October.
Cost: $550 (inc gst) per person/per workshop
Time: 9-4pm

2. Options Trading Workshop

TBD - please register your interest
Cost: $550 (inc gst) per person
Time: 9-3pm

To register your interest in either workshop please email or call 1800 330 101.

ASX Online Education Modules

ASX has also designed a number of free education modules that are intended to provide an overview of the ASX 24 Operating Rules and Procedures surrounding certain aspects of trade execution and reporting.

Learn and understand the obligations pertaining to certain aspects of trade execution and reporting in the ASX 24 Market such as:

  • Block Trades
  • Custom Marker Orders
  • Exchange for Physicals
  • Pre-Negotiated Orders.

To launch the modules please CLICK HERE.