Data Centre

Our online Data Centre enables subscribers to access a comprehensive set of market data for ASX Energy products.

Data Centre Pricing & Packages

The minimum subscription period for any futures market data service is 12 months. Subscribers will pay the relevant subscription fee in advance following ASX Energy’s invoice and access will continue indefinitely after the first 12 months of the subscription provided that the subscribers continue to pay the relevant subscription fee annually.

Data Centre Features

Historical closing prices for ASX listed Energy products are available in an online data base.

Access Forms & User Guides

Download Account Request Forms & User Guides here.

Samples of Daily Files

The following sample files are provided to customers for testing purposes only.

Free Trial Period

Begin your free 30 day trial period here. The free trial period has restricted access to one months worth of data from one year ago. Once payment is received full access is granted for 12 months.