Australian Electricity Derivatives

The ASX Electricity Futures Contracts are listed for trading on the Australian state regions of NSW, VIC, QLD and SA. All ASX Electricity Futures and Options Contracts are CFTC approved.

These contract specifications must be read in conjunction with the full ASX 24 Operating Rules in conjunction with ASIC Market Integrity Rules (ASX 24 Market).

1. Fact Sheet- AU Energy

2. ASX 24 Futures and Options Expiry Calendar, which outlines the last trading day for each product can be found here.

3. ASX 24 Trading Calendar, which outlines the days the exchange will be closed for holidays can be found here.

Australian Power Index

The methodology of selecting the component futures contracts for inclusion in both the Australian Power Index (National) and the Australian Power Index (Eastern) have been determined on the basis of contract liquidity and open interest.