ASX 24 Trade Cancellation Policy Consultation Paper

Tue 1 Feb 2022

As per ASX Notice 0088.22.01, ASX is extending the cut off date for submissions to 18 February 2022.

As a follow up to Notice 1770.21.12 released on 6 December 2021, ASX is seeking market feedback on proposed changes to the Trade Cancellations Policy.

In summary ASX will be looking for feedback on:

  • Cancellation ranges that are currently prescribed under section 3200.9 of the ASX 24 Operating Rules Procedures in the Electricity Market Base Load Cap products
  • The consent time for QCR across all ASX 24 products moving from 5 minutes to 10 minutes
  • Any additional aspects of the Cancellation Process that Participants are looking to raise with ASX

ASX invites submissions on the options set out in this paper as well as any alternative approaches that market users may wish to raise for consideration. ASX welcomes feedback on the options individually and in combination.

The paper can be downloaded below.

Written submissions are requested by Friday 18 February 2022.

If you have any enquiries please feel free to contact:

ASX Commodities Team – Derivatives and OTC
T: 02 9227 0900