ASX Clear (Futures) Credit Stress Test (CST) Parameters, 12 December 2022

Thu 15 Dec 2022

As per ASX Notice 1412.22.12 ASX Clear (Futures) is clarifying the treatment of Credit Stress Test (CST) scenarios for Electricity Cap products to include a Target Upper Limit (Ceiling) on the stressed price.

All stresses applied to the Base Load $300 Cap electricity products (GN, GQ, GS, GV) include a stressed priced upper limit (ceiling) of $166/MWh, that is applied after the cap price has been stressed.

What do I need to do by when?

The Target Upper limit (ceiling) for electricity cap products was effective from changes issued 12 December 2022, but was omitted from the Market Notice dated 28 November 2022.

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