Resend of ASX Market Notice re: Block Trade changes

Thu 5 Apr 2018

The below link to ASX Market Notice 1340.16.11 was published on 09 November 2016.

The clean version of the Rules link and marked up version link is now invalid. The summary to the rule changes is available for download below. Please revert to the current ASX 24 Operating Rules in the link below:

The significance of the notice relates to the time with which Block trades need to be registered. This being, moving the registration time for transactions negotiated during the Day Session (i.e. 10-4pm) to 10 minutes after market close (i.e. 4:10pm).

ASX will update the market on any further extension to the Block trade registration time.

Please do not hesitate to contact the ASX Energy Team on 1800 330 101 or