Block Trade Messaging Update

Sun 21 Apr 2019

Please refer to ASX Notice 0391.19.04 for further information.

ASX is updating the way that multi-leg Block Trade strategies are reported to the market from the ASX24 system.

Text and news messages will contain additional information including:

  • Deal Number - this can be used to link messages when split into multiple lines
  • Number of legs included in the headline message
  • Correct prices and volumes for each leg with the Block Trade

Here is a sample message:

  • "Block Trade DealNo 850001 Reg'd @ 10:53 - "6 Legs to follow"
  • "DealNo 850001 Legs BNM913500P 150@12.00, BNM91150P 150@5.25, BNU913000P 100@13.50,"
  • "DealNo 850001 Legs BNU911000P 100@6.75, BNU9 60@140.00, BNM9 60@140.00"

Each line would be disseminated as a separate news or text message.

The CDE environment will be updated ready for Monday 29 April with the new functionality. ASX will announce a production release date after consulting with customers. ASX will generate multi-leg Block Trades on CDE so that customers can test with the new message format without having to enter Block Trades of their own.