NZ Electricity Market Industry Training Day - 8 May 2019

Mon 15 Apr 2019

Increase your understanding of the New Zealand Electricity Market including the ASX electricity derivatives markets and the important role it plays in the New Zealand Electricity framework.

Understand the full suite of ASX energy derivative products, their specifications and characteristics / risk profile as well as how they are typically used in relation to the underlying physical market.

Wednesday 8th May,
Buddle Findlay,
PWC Tower 188 Quay Street,



1 day (9am - 5pm) Refreshments and lunch are provided.


Payment in AUD is equivalent to approximately NZD$250

Course content includes:

1) The underlying physical electricity market – Presented by the EA and OMF Brokers

  • Spot market events
  • Recent price activity
  • Health of the spot market
  • OMF’s role in the Electricity Market
  • The changes observed in the Financial Electricity Market

2) Introduction to the ASX futures market – Presented by the ASX

  • What is an exchange
  • ASX History in the market place
  • ASX Electricity product suit
  • Characteristics of ASX Electricity Derivatives
  • Market Makers and the Market mix
  • How to gain market access

3) The Role of a Futures Market Maker – Speaker TBC

4) Hedging with ASX Futures – Presented by the ASX

  • Hedging using Futures and Options with working examples
  • Regulation and compliance
  • Margining process with concessional rates
  • The role of a Clearing House & Default Fund
  • Historical Data Centre
  • Users Group Meetings

5) Role of the Clearing manager - Speaker NZX

6) Q&A

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.