Updated Energy Data Centre Terms & Conditions

Sun 3 Mar 2013

ASX has updated its standard terms and conditions in line with recent changes to the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). Importantly, ASX has endeavoured to make changes to ASX’s standard terms and conditions that are only either beneficial or neutral to customers.

Please see Terms & Conditions here.

These changes to the ASX Energy Data Service Subscriber Terms and Conditions will take effect from the date of renewal of your Subscription Term. Unless you notify us that you would like to cancel your subscription with us prior to the renewal of your subscription, if you renew your subscription and continue to use the ASX Energy Data, you will be deemed to have accepted the new standard terms and conditions.

If you believe that any of the changes affecting you are likely to be detrimental if relied upon by us and you wish to discuss these changes in further detail, please contact information.services@asx.com.au.