We're updating our Data Centre Service and our Terms and Conditions

Mon 15 May 2017

We are updating our terms to bring them in line with the ASX Group's other data agreements. At a high level, the changes include:

  • an ability for you to publish ad hoc limited extracts of the data to third parties without our consent;
  • an ability to request a written statement certifying compliance with the agreement and an ability for us to audit your use
  • updates to the indemnity in accordance with ASX Group's standard

We have also removed redundant references and made other minor drafting changes. If you are interested in receiving a marked-up copy of the changes, please send us an email to data@asxenergy.com.au.

Our updated Data Centre Terms and Conditions will be effective Monday 15 May 2017. By continuing to use our data after 15 May 2017, you agree to these updated terms. If for any reason you don't agree to the new terms and would rather terminate your subscription, you can do so by giving us not less than 30 days' notice from the date of this email.

In addition, there are two Data Centre product package changes that are available now:

  • 1. Au Electricity, Victorian Gas and Wallumbilla Gas packages will be combined into an Au Energy data package.
  • 2. New Zealand Electricity and New Zealand Gas will be combined into a New Zealand Energy data package.

In summary, this means the majority of subscribers will be receiving ASX Australian or New Zealand gas historical data for free. If you have recently subscribed to the Gas packages we'd like to offer a reimbursement or credit note towards your Electricity subscription. If this affects you please get in touch with us via data@asxenergy.com.au.

What's next?

As part of migrating your Electricity subscription into Australian and New Zealand Energy you are now entitled to receive end of day Gas files via sFTP or email. If you would like to begin receiving the relevant Gas Daily Files please download and submit an Account Request Form from here.

If you have any queries regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact us on +61 2 9227 0400 or email data@asxenergy.com.au.