NOTE: All market data is delayed a minimum of 15 minutes

Key Definitions

  • LAST: The most recent price a futures contract has traded at that day
  • +/-: The positive or negative price change between the last traded price and previous days settlement price.
  • BID SIZE: The number of contracts a buyer is willing to purchase at the quoted bid price.
  • BID: An offer to buy a futures or options contract at the bid price stated (opposite to ask).
  • ASK: The price at which someone is prepared to sell futures (opposite to bid).
  • ASK SIZE: The number of contracts a seller is willing to sell at the quoted ask price.
  • HIGH: The maximum price quoted during the day
  • LOW: The minimum price quoted during the day
  • VOL: The number of contracts transacted in the last trade
  • OPEN INTEREST: The total number of options and/or futures contracts that are not closed or delivered as at close of business on the previous day.
  • OPEN INTEREST +/-: The daily change in open interest as at close of business on the previous day.
  • PREVCLOSE: Last days settlement price.

Product Titles

  • Base: Base Load
  • Peak: Peak Period
  • BStr: Base Strip
  • PkStr: Peak Strip
  • OPStr: Off-Peak Strip

Message on Open Interest

Please be aware of the following disclaimer (source http://www.asx.com.au) regarding reported Open Interest statistics: “Open interest figures are calculated based on reports made by Participants and are subject to revision by Participants who may have not followed the best practice guidelines set out in the Practice Note attached to Operating Rule 46.5 of the ASX 24 Clearing Rules. ASX recommends that traders not use Open Interest as an absolute measure of liquidity in contracts.”