Data Centre Pricing & Packages

The minimum subscription period for any futures market data service is 12 months. Subscribers will pay the relevant subscription fee in advance following ASX Energy’s invoice and access will continue indefinitely after the first 12 months of the subscription provided that the subscribers continue to pay the relevant subscription fee annually.

1. Annual Data Centre Subscription

There are 2 annual online data packages:
a) AU Energy @ $4,395 +GST
b) NZ Energy @ $1,995 +GST

The Data Centre is web based requiring no software installation. Subscribers can access the data anywhere at any time (i.e. not limited to a dedicated terminal or single user access).

Click here to subscribe to the standard Data Centre Package

2. All Contracts History

  • AU Electricity Single Snapshot @ $2,195 +GST
  • NZ Electricity Single Snapshot @ $1,495 +GST

This one-off historical data package contains each single contracts complete history for all products ever listed. The file contains the open, high, low, settlement, volume and open interest data for each product on a daily basis.

Existing Data Centre subscribers can purchase the AU Energy package for $1,095+GST and NZ Energy package for $995+GST.

Click here to purchase the 'All Contracts History' Snapshot Package

All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars and exclude GST.